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Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips

The key to avoid major roof damage is to stay on top of roofing maintenance. Let’s take a look at roofing maintenance that should be done during the summer.

According to an article at, “Roofing Maintenance”

39106564_s“Summer offers new challenges for your home and roof at this time of year. We have some tips on how you can weather the summer without any stress over your roof. A thorough summertime inspection of your roof should be conducted every year. Here are just a couple steps that should be performed in the summer.

  • Gutters and debris – The warm weather makes it an ideal time to clean out any gutter debris. Check that all the gutters and valleys are cleared of any leaf debris or deposits. After any storms, check to make sure the gutters continue to flow properly.
  • Moss on the roof– Plants thrive during spring and summer in the West Cost. One plant that does particularly well this time of year is moss. Removing moss and algae from your roof will prevent moisture damage and rot. Most remove moss by using a pressure washer or brushing the moss off. This can be an unsafe job so it may be best to hire a professional roofer to do this for you. Another option is to change your roofing material. Metal roofs are much better at preventing moss growth than shingle or shake roofs.” To read the entire article click here.

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