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What is a Steep Roof?

Sometimes the word “steep” is also used when talking about roofs.  It may be used in place of pitch or slope.  It usually is used while comparing roofs.  For example, “that roof is very steep”, or “that roof isn’t very steep”.  Steep usually means that the pitch, or slope, is high, and is difficult to walk on.  A 12:12 roof is steep. A 4:12, is not very steep. Steep means that it is sharply angled.
According to an article at, “What is a Steep Roof?”

“So what is considered a steep roof?

This depends on who you are talking to. Some roofers consider any pitch over 6/12 to be steep. Others consider any pitch over 8/12 to be steep. Other only consider 10/12 and over to be steep.

Why is it more difficult roofing on steeper pitches ?
Depends on the type of roofing. On pitches 6/12 and steeper everything will slide if not secured. Pitches over 9/12 cannot be walked without boards attached to the roof deck to provide footing. The type of roofing you are using will determine the maximum pitch that can be walked. For instance a dry shake roof can be walked on a 9/12 pitch, but not a metal roof. Because you can walk on a 9/12 without slipping does not mean you should. In fact any pitch over 5/12 is dangerous.”To read the entire article click here.

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Facts About Flat Roofs in Reno

Flat in roofing typically refers to roofs that have a pitch of less than 2:12. They usually must be covered with a special material designed for flat roofs since drainage can be a problem. Let’s look at exactly what a flat roof consist of. According to an article at, “What is a Flat Roof?”Continue Reading

How to Determine a Roof Slope

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Understanding Roof Pitch

Roofs are generally described by their “pitch”. Roof pitch does not refer to the sticky substance found on pine trees. Pitch is usually stated as a ratio like 3:12, or 4:12. This is read as “three and twelve”, or “four and twelve”. It is always one number followed by 12. The ratio is easily understoodContinue Reading

4 Tips for Finding a Roofing Company

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How to Find a Good Roofing Company in Reno

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How Do I Choose a Shingle Color for My Roof?

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